OH2.1 doesn't reconnect to MQTT broker

If my wifi goes down or the router reboots I am having issues where the MQTT binding does not try to reconnect to the broker. Using other MQTT client apps I can see that my sensors are still sending their data to the broker.

The only way I can fix it is to restart OH.

Anyone noticed this? Is it a bug?

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I’ve the same issue. Did you manage to fix?


You mean your broker does not re-start publishing to openHAB?

Correct, i mean that on a reboot of all the network equipments including the MQTT Broker and OH then OH didn’t reconnect to the MQTT Broker. I need to restart it manually.

Consider that my MQTT Broker and OH runs on different devices and MQTT Runs as docker container. May it be it start AFTER OH but anyway it seems OH doesn’t have a reconnect mechanism in place.
Is that something to be configuered? It it simply doesn’t exist.

Not for mqtt1 that is correct.

ok i see… that’s definitely a nice to have feature… to make the system more reliable…