OH2.1 Z-wave sensor recognition and initialization

I had e openhab2 system running. Now I made a new installation with openhabian / OH 2.1 from scatch. However, som battery-supplied sensors will just not initiliaze. The picture shows idential snesors D-Link DCD-Z120. One works fine, the other is somehow recognized but not finishing. Both sensors are within 2m range from the RPI wit RaZberry.

I have three of those Z120 sensors, 1 works, 2 not. Same for similar DCD-Z110 sensor, 4 work fine, 2 don’t work.
With OH 2.0 (and aslo OH1) all sensors worked without problem.
Can I force the initilization? Oor copy some corespondent files from my old OH 2.0 system? What files to copy?

Battery sensors will take time to wake up and communicate with the controller. Depending on how you have your system configured, this may happen in an hour or two, or a day or two.

There is very little difference between OH2.0 and 2.1 so while I wouldn’t rule out a problem with the binding, I would guess it needs to wake up to complete.

One thing though - I would double check that there are no errors/exceptions in the log as the UNINITIALISED state is not normal.