OH2.2 LG Webos binding TV not discovered

Hi All,

I just installed OH2.2 onto QNAP nas, i adddd the LG webos bindings, but my two webos tvs cannot be discovered.
The TVs are on wifi but on the same network.
I added the ip in the paperui / config / settings / network part.
I also added a wlan stick into the qnap nas and changed the ip to this one , same nothing.
Do you have any glue?
One tv is an LF592U 3.21.05 sw version
the second is: LB671 with 5. sw version
none can be discovered

Any idea where to search for a solution?



Having the same issue here. TV is not discovered.


Had the same issue. You need to turn on LC Connect App for the TV to be discoverable:

All Settings, Nework, LG Connect App

Then rerun the discovery. It popped right up for me :slight_smile:

For me it’s not working, too.
LG Connect App is on but it discovers nothing.

Then I started to create things file. But where can I find the Device ID of my TV?

I can not get it started after spending many days and nights.
I’m using binding version binding-lgwebos - 2.3.0 and openHAB 2.3.0 Release Build.

After creating things and items file manually it doesn’t work.

The binding is configured with ip of raspberry pi in LocalIP property.

things file:
Thing lgwebos:WebOSTV:living [ LocalIP="" ]

items file:
Switch LG_TV0_Power “TV Power” (gLGTV ) { autoupdate=“false”, channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:living:power” }

What am I doing wrong?

@ewok, when that happens to me, I review the basics as it fixes 80% of my problems:
1- Can the openHAB computer ping the TV
2- You need the TV turned on for it to be discoverable
3- A message will pop up on screen when being discovered ans you have to accept the connection
4- Use wired connections if you can

I try and use wired connection for everything I have in the system as it is much more reliable.

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I try and use wired connection for everything I have in the system as it is much more reliable.

For me the binding works very unreliably. TV was discovered and working but goes online/offline for no reason I could determine so far. Usually when it works it works ok for a long time. But, frequently, the next time I switch the TV on it is shown to be offline. No method found to get it back working without restarting openhab.