OH2.3 KNX Binding doesn´t work

HI everyone,

I use OH2 a long time with my KNX Binding and it works perfect until Version 2.3x
Since Version OH2.3 it doesn´t work. I configure the KNX Binding via PaperUI and the KNX/IP Gateway ist online (green) in the Things Category.

When I look at the logs, I see that the switch change from off to on and from on to off, but nothing happens. No Lamp is turn on

I think the syntax has changed from Version <OH2.2 to >OH2.3
Here is a example of my *.item file that works perfect until OH2.3

RPI 3 with openHABian: 1.4.1
openHAB version:
with the last Updates from yesterday

Kind regards

In 2.3.0 there is a new KNX binding that makes use of the new openHAB 2 features such Paper UI configuration.

You can still install the 1.x binding by downloading org.openhab.binding.knx-1.12.0.jar and then copy it into the /addons directory.

See also the blog:

Last but not least: The very first binding that was written in 2010 for openHAB has finally been migrated to a fully 2.x compatible implementation: KNX! This new implementation not only makes it possible to also configure the KNX integration through the Paper UI, it furthermore supports reading information from physical KNX addresses, such as manufacturer and firmware ids and it can also ping those addresses in order to determine whether the devices are still available on the bus.

Thanks for the quick answer.

I have deactivated the KNX 2.3 Binding and activated the KNX 1.x Binding and everything seems working good again. My rules, switching the lights on and off, etc. Many thanks for the quick help. Are there any disadvantage between the OH2.2 and 1.x Binding?

I will try to get my KNX Bus working with the new Binding 2.3 or newer in the future.

Thanks a lot

Great to hear that your KNX1 binding works well again!

Perhaps @sjka or @kgoderis can give you a brief comparison between the KNX1 and KNX2 bindings. I don’t use the KNX bindings myself.