OH2.3 upgrade - FGR-222 not reporting Sensor (power) and Electric meter (watts)

Since I upgraded to OH2.3 and the development zwave binding, none of the FGR-222 is reporting Sensor (power) and Electric meter (watts) and Electric meter (kWh).

Any clue how to obtain/re-enable those measurements?

Did you delete the Things (don’t exclude!) and readd them?
This is required for all devices after switching to the development version.

Yes, did that before: https://community.openhab.org/t/some-zwave-things-not-configurable-in-habmin-and-paperui-after-upgrade-to-oh2-3/47164?u=chri46

I just tested it and all channels are reporting values:


Number FibFGR222_Kitchen_East_Pwr "East Pwr [%.2f W]" <wss3_number> { channel="zwave:device:uzb:node11:sensor_power" }
Number FibFGR222_Kitchen_East_kWh "East kWh [%.2f kWh]"<wss3_number> { channel="zwave:device:uzb:node11:meter_kwh" }


Text item=FibFGR222_Kitchen_East_Pwr
Text item=FibFGR222_Kitchen_East_kWh

thanks, will move to latest development binding from 3 August and try again