OH2.5.0 Hue Emulation: Alexa doesn't see device

I want to use Hue Emulation to control my dimmer with Alexa but since some version updates Alexa doesn’t discover my device anymore.
I defined my light as:
Dimmer WohnzimmerDeckenlicht “Licht Wohnzimmer” [“Switchable”] {cha…

I tried different variants of configuration of hue emulation: “Device Pairing”, “Pairing Temporarily Emulate V1 hue Bridge” on and off but Alexa never finds my device when I run the search on alexa.amazon.de within Smart Home->Devices.

Checking :8443/api/testuser/lights?debug=true
I get cryptic little images.

Could the Problem be that my OH runs on port 8443?

By default openHAB uses port 8080 for http and port 8443 for https. If using https it is best to have a valid ssl certificate installed.

For hue emulation you need to be on port 80. Please review the binding docs it’s stated there. I am unsure if you can use hue emulation on a secure port but I believe you can I just don’t know which one.

The binding docs states this info as well as how to forward.

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I don’t use Hue Emulation but if it requires port 80 for HTTP, it almost certainly will require port 443 for HTTPS. And I suspect, as Bruce indicates, it might require a certificate from a trusted CA to trust the connection.