OH2 and Amazon HUE emulation

So I have my OH2 up and running. I can even call a rest call like this:

curl --header 'Content-Type: text/plain' --request POST --data 'ON' 'http://openHAB_IP:8080/rest/items/MyLight'

I have my Hue Emmulator up and running and can give Alexa commands that the emulator runs. My problem is that with OH2, the command is in the body of the POST. In the Hue emulator there is a “Turn on” and “turn off” url in the same command like this:

"name": "test device",
"deviceType": "switch",
"offUrl": "",
"onUrl": "${intensity.percent}",
"contentType" : "application/json",
"contentBody" : "{\"fooBar\":\"baz\"}"

I assume that I could change the name of the command to say : light off, and add the {“OFF”} to the content body, but it seems like that is not how this was intended.

Anyone have any experience hooking these 2 up?