OH2 and Z-wave PAN04

Hey All

I´m trying OH for the first time and I´m struggling with to get a PHILIO PAN04 Z-WAVE device to work

I have no problem to add the device in OH, I can see all 25 channels where 4 of them is switchs.
switch: zwave:device:19dec31c:node3:switch_binary
switch1: zwave:device:19dec31c:node3:switch_binary1
switch2: zwave:device:19dec31c:node3:switch_binary2
switch3: zwave:device:19dec31c:node3:switch_binary3

I have tried to add a Item for the 4 switchs, but it is only switch: zwave:device:19dec31c:node3:switch_binary that works,or i kind of works it turns on both of the relays. The rest of them nothing happens when I change the state ON/OFF

In Configuration Parameters at 3: Selected endpoint, I can select relay 1, Relay 2 og Relay 1+2. If I select Relay1 and turn on switch: zwave:device:19dec31c:node3:switch_binary Relay1 turns on and If I select the option Relay 1+2 it will turn both on
But that is a setting and can´t control the relays the way would like

Whar I´m during wrong here ?

Best regards