OH2 b3 with zwave fibaro smoke sensor

it was found as a unknown device, but i dont see any channels or item strings

I would suggest for starters to upgrade to a newer version of the binding…

i think its the latest with beta3 ?

B3 is a few months old now - I would recommend upgrading to the latest nightly snapshot otherwise you are stuck with the old binding with the old database.

ok, when upgrading the addon do i need to uninstall and install or just replace it og put in the Haddon folder ?

The easiest way is to upgrade the complete runtime to the latest version. If you want to upgrade just one binding, then you will need to log on to the console and mess around in Karaf.

If you upgrade the runtime, then to upgrade to each nightly build, you just need to uninstall, and install the binding in HABmin/PaperUI. You can’t do this with B3 as it will simply reinstall the version from B3.


works now