OH2 Basic UI: Line break possible? Or: Only one item per line


is it possible to have only one item in a certain line of a sitemap? I want an overall switch for the two heaters in one room, but beneath that the individual heaters with sliders, like this:

Heaters: ON | OFF
Heater 1: 21°C Heater 2: 21°C

Kind regards

Hello Chewie,

what I do is that I create two frames.

Frame label="" {
Switch item=xxxxx_switch
Frame label="" {
Text item=xxxxxx_temp

Thanks Lockzi, that workaround works and doesn’t even look too bad:

I tried this tip, but then, the frame is not displayed correctly anymore in the Android App OpenHab…


PS.: this is discussed here: Content of nested frames is not shown

Hi Valéry,

We were not talking about nested frames, which are said to be not supported according in your linked thread.

Desktop (full size):

Mobile view:

I however do not use the app, only the Basic UI hosted on the webserver.
Here’s the sitemap code:

Frame label="Sonne" {
	Text item=Sun_Daylight_Times
Frame label="Wohnzimmer" {
	Switch	item=WohnzimmerLichtFensterProxy
	Switch 	item=Wohnzimmer_Roll_All_Set mappings=[0="Auf", 82="Sonne", 100="Zu"]