OH2 Binding Updates


Does anyone know when the updates committed on GibHub make there way to being updated in the bindings.

I’m using unstable branch from bintray and have installed openhab2-addons package.

The reason I ask is that the binding installed has a date of yesterday, but 4 days ago a new thing type was commited to the binding and I’m not seeing that appear in paperui as a supported thing.

The binding is the chromecast binding.


My understanding is the process is as follows:

  1. Changes are made and commited in a local version
  2. A Pull request is issued for the maintainers to review the proposed changes
  3. Further changes or development may be required
  4. The PR is merged into the SNAPSHOT baseline
  5. That night the merged code gets compiled and (assuming the compile succeeds) becomes part of the SNAPSHOT distro.
  6. Changes that have been merged into SNAPSHOT eventually become the next beta.
  7. The beta eventually becomes the next full release.

The timing to go from 1 to 7 varies.

So the questions are, have the changes been merged?

The issues they resolve have been closed and the the new code merged on github. So I assumed I’d find them in the latest build.

Assuming they were merged before last night’s build and last night’s build didn’t fail it should be in the 2.1 SNAPSHOT.

No further updates out of the unstable bintray today. I’ll have to wait and keep an eye for when its available.

Thanks for the info.