OH2 Chart Scale (for android)

I am trying to set the chart:scale=0.5 in OH2, but don’t know where to set it. I tried adding it to runtime.cfg, but that did not change anything.

This thread solves the problem for OH1, but not for OH2:
As this is more an OH2 than an Android question I guess its better to open a new thread. Any ideas? Or is it just not possible?


Have the same problem, but it has no priority yet.


Any update to this?

Please see https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/pull/2835

Is this PR in openhab 2.1? I was trying to use

Chart item=zwave_device_c7f01bf7_node3_sensor_relhumidity period=D scale=0.3

But that just triggerd an “no viable alternative at input ‘scale’” error. Or maybe I have to use it in a different way?

The PR does not appear on the release notes, but was merged a long time ago. Is there some way we can get it into mainline eclipse smarthome?

Sorry to ask again, but I am currently using the latest snapshot (2.2.0-snapshot 1062) and still cannot add

Chart item=TempChart period=D scale=0.5

or similar without getting

no viable alternative at input ‘scale’

How should I be using this feature? Or was the PR still not somehow included?

Here is some explanation about charts:

Simply create a new charts.cfg and enter the configuration into this file.

See my post:

Thanks a lot for the reply. I can now set the scale, but it only affects the aspect ratio on Android, as you were already saying. I guess that means the writing on the charts will also be unreadable with 2.2 on modern Android phones as I see no way to somehow make the font larger. Or is there some workaround?