OH2 CI on cloudbees

Hi Kai,
I was wondering how the OH2 cloudbees build was configured - is it nightly, or after each merge? Likewise, how quickly do ESH changes flow through to OH2 - is that daily, or is it grabbed each time OH2 builds?


The openhab1-addons and openhab2-addons build run nightly, but only if new changes are in the repo.
Both trigger a new distribution build afterwards.
See e.g. https://openhab.ci.cloudbees.com/job/openHAB2-Addons/changes, which picked up your Z-Wave changes the past days.

Regarding ESH: The openHAB build picks up the latest stable ESH version, which is built here. This build is triggered whenever I feel that the ESH stuff is good and in sync with openHAB. As sometimes there are incompatible changes that require adaption in the openHAB codebase, this is not using the nightly ESH builds. At the moment, we have a failing ESH test - as soon as this is fixed, I will create a new stable release.

Hi Kai,
I don’t suppose it’s possible to re-release ESH stable at some stage now that the thing label bugs have been fixed? I made changes to HABmin to support this after the last build and would like to merge my (long standing) development branch into master as part of tidying things up to move the repository…



Build is running: https://hudson.eclipse.org/smarthome/job/SmartHomeDistribution-Stable/36/

Brilliant - thanks Kai.