OH2 Connecting to Mosquitto issues

I’m try to get OH2 and Mosquitto to talk to each other but OH2 is having connection issues in the log file.
Starting MQTT broker cconnection '<>'
Error starting broker connectio .
Using Mosquitto and Mosquitto_sub, I can see the messages from my hardware (espeasy) so I know Mosquitto.exe is working.
In the OH2 mqtt.cfg file, I have the address set to url=tcp://localhost:1883.
Does the broker need an ID for OH2 to connect to.?
If so, how do I get this in Mosquitto?

Everything is running on the same Win7 machine.

Looks like you’re missing the broker id/name before the URL parameter in the config file. Example

Then in the .items files you’d refer to it by something like:
Number myItemName "My Item Description [%d] minutes" {mqtt="<[win7:topic1/topcic2/topic3:state:default]"}