OH2 - Daikin Binding v2.5.12 daily, monthly energy items

I’m running OH2 v.2.5. Is it possible to use some energy variables in current binding ?
Should I upgrade my version 2.5.12.
Or is the way deinstall the binding and install 2.5.12 back ?
How can I read out from Github repo if the binding is valid also for OH2 ?

Infos can be read out by following Daikin API commands.
GET /aircon/get_week_power_ex or without ex
GET /aircon/get_year_power_ex or without ex
GET /aircon/get_day_power_ex or without ex

Second solution is parsing of answers and storage items values into Influxdb on change.
Thanks for help.

Solution is to upgrade Daikin Binding to 2.5.5 jar
2.5.5 Daikin Binding

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