OH2 demo is not starting

Hi all,

I am trying to migrate to OH2 from OH1.8. I just wanted to try the demo on the rpi, but it seems that the UI is not starting up for some reason, I’m getting the following in the logs:

15:23:45.932 [ERROR] [org.eclipse.smarthome.core.transform] - [org.eclipse.smarthome.action.transformation.action(79)] Circular reference detected, getService returning null
15:24:00.093 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'demo.sitemap’
15:24:01.239 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'demo.things’
15:24:01.412 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'rrd4j.persist’
15:24:01.522 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'logging.persist’
15:24:01.549 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'demo.rules’
15:24:03.258 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'demo.script’
15:24:03.732 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model ‘demo.items’

Compared to another machine where OH2 works, it looks like that it is skipping all the UIs going straight loading the modules.

I am using the latest snapshot, but also tried beta2.