OH2 Demo Not Starting

First time user excited to take a look at OH to see what it was all about. I downloaded the OH2 demo from the link on this page: https://github.com/openhab/openhab2/blob/master/docs/sources/installation/demo.md

I’m running on Win7 with Java 8. I unzipped the file and ran the start.bat. I see the console throwing some exceptions but I don’t see any logs being created. Hitting localhost:8080 doesn’t load anything but a connection refused message so it looks like the web server never starts.

I backtracked to see if I could get OH1 to work. That one seemed to work a little better (didn’t see exceptions in the console although it does state the the openhab.cfg does not exist), but the website returned a 500 server error: sitemap default could not be found. I do see a logs folder gets created. That never happens when I try to run OH2.

So, neither one works. I’d prefer just to start with OH2 if possible anyway. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

OK I have it working now with a fresh download from cloudbees. The download link from the page mentioned above didn’t work.

@ImAStreamer Thanks for noticing! I have updated the link on the page now to directly point to the cloudbees nightly!