OH2 ex and import Items and sitemap from running Default Sitemap " _default "

Hello, I have a simple question about Openhab2: how do I get all data from the default Sitemap _default into a new sitemap which I can edit by my self.
With all the data I mean all my things I already listed there, which were automatically found by the openhab2, such as Zb Sonos, Samsung TV, Homematic devices.
I always find instructions like I can create everything by hand individually, but if these things are already it must be possible to take this into a new Sitmap and items file
(- A request if I had not already a few days searched and instructions would not have I would not ask, so if one refers to a guidance I would look over a direct join and not only RTFM-)

The _default is automatically generated and it is the only sitemap that can show Things.

Any sitemap you create yourself can only show Items.

You will need to link all those Channels to Items and then create a .sitemap file using those Items.

There is no other way.

No, it mustn’t and in fact is not possible,