OH2 first startup: MiOS binding started before MAP transform is installed

When I first start a new fresh OH2 install, I can see that the MiOS binding is installed and started before the MAP transform service is installed. As the MiOS binding require the MAP service, this leads to errors.
After a restart, the problem disappear.
Shall this dependency be declared in the feature file ? Would it solve the problem ?

This should be fixed by PR 4321, wait 24 hours and it’ll be in the builds. Thanks for pushing to get this through.

ref: openhab/openhab-distro Issue#163

Hi @guessed
With offline distro #271, I can tell you that I cannot reproduce this issue.
Unfortunately, I can find no traces of installation of REGEX and MAP bundles in the logs.But they are installed. And I can confirm that now there is no such error when the MiOS binding is first started.
So I would say that you have probably fixed correctly the problem. Bravo.

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