OH2 - freezes after some time

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(Markus Gehlhaar) #21

I’m not using MySQL but the rdd4j persistence. I think it more related to persistence in general and not only with MySQL.

(Christian Huck) #22

One interesting question from my side: Are you using Zulu Java 8 or something else ?

(Markus Gehlhaar) #23

I’m using a standard openhabian installation and added piVCCU which is the gateway for my homematic devices. But before I installed everything from 0 again with openhabian, I was using raspian with a manual openhab installation. Both are crashing since 2.1. If I go back to 2.0
everything works without the freeze/crash.

(Alex) #24

Same for me, I’m using the standard openhabian image with some additional add-ons.