OH2 FritzboxTr064 not working

I have a new installation of openhabian, and I wanted to install the FritzboxTr064 binding, to get if there is a missed call.
I configured the binding in paper ui, and, because this did not work also in the services/fritz…cfg. However, I don’t get the FritzBox to show up as a thing in paper ui. The only thing I get in the logs is: Refresh Service has been started, and, immediatly following this, stopped. I don’t get why this is. I made a new user, which got the default username of the binding, and a password, which I entered into the configuration of the binding in paperui and the textual config.
Is there any way to get a more precise error?
I have configured the FritzBox to allow the protocoll as mentioned on the bindings page.

Any clue where my troubles have been coming from?

The TR064 binding is a version 1 binding, there are no Things or Channels.
Please reread the docs:

Okay, thx, did not see the version 1 note