OH2 - habmin not starting


OH2 is almost working for me, with a few niggles. One is that Habmin hasn’t worked for a good week or so. It hangs on the initial “Loading…” screen. I can’t see anything in the logs, and zwave (the OH2 binding) is working fine, so I’m a bit mystified…

I’ve tried installing it both using Paper UI and addons.cfg - same result with both. OH2 was installed using apt-get on Ubuntu 14.04

any help would be fantastic


Beta or snapshot? I don’t have an answer no matter what version you are referring to, but it makes a big difference. There has been a TON of changes since beta 4.

snapshot - openhab2-offline, updated just today

is there a way to get habmin showing logs so I can pindown what the problem is?

thank you!


Have you tried

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.ui.habmin

on the Karaf console?

Brilliant, thank you. And - inexplicably - habmin is now working…

Magic words! :wink: