OH2, habmin2, zwave 2 problem

Have 8 GE 12724, on paper ui, configuration, things, all nodes show up, but just say initializing. controller is online.

Maybe you can provide more information? Normally it’s useful to see logs, actually describe what you mean (what do you mean by ‘configuration’ for instance) - your ‘report’ is quite hard to interpret!


configuration tab under paper ui…things tab…

all my nodes are listed but have a grey bubble that says initializing. the zstick is green and says online. also says unknown device. makes me think its not in the database.

worked fine pre karaf by the way

logs are dofficult because its at a friends house that i am rarely at.

It should be in the database, but again, some more information (eg logs!) would be helpful.

What version are you running? I don’t think there was an OH2 ZWave binding before Karaf was introduced!

and its all newest snapshots installed today

used 1.8 prior to karaf

whats the best way to post logs, and which ones?

Please confirm what version are you running!?!

You can post them here - we need the zwave debug logs.

where do i find zwave debug logs?

and how do i find versions?

On karaf Shell execute

bundles:list |grep ZWave
Post result here

Next step debug Log i explain afterwards :slight_smile:

sorry for the pics. cannot login under this rpi for some reason to post log file

no longer in front of the install, but noticed the only xml file created was for node1 (aeon zstick gen5)