OH2 Homematic Smoke detector


I added the smoke detector (HOMEMATIC) to my OH2 playground.
But how can I test this device?
The normal STATE channel does not indicate a test alarm by pressing the button on the detector.

What is the use of the channel Installation_Test? My idea was, to activate the smoke detector with this channel, but it is read only?!?
This channel doesn´t provide the state of the test alarm by pressing the button on the device, too.
Are there some further info’s regarding this device?

(I saw some infos in the homegear forum. The installation_test channel seems to be possible for activating the test alarm on the device ……)


Hi Sebastian,

my smoke detector is connected to a CCU and it does not seem that it is possible to activate the smoke detector. The CCU has no option to run a test and when you try to create a program there are no actions offered for the smoke detector.
The CCU only shows the state of the smoke detector and it seems that the state is regularly checked by the CCU.
I have checked the available channels with the XML-API and to me it seems not possible to activate the test alarm.


Hi Martin,

thanks very much.
I found the link to the homegear forum:


The “trigger” function should be existing, generally. For me not a big requirement……but should be nice, to have this feature with openHAB, too.

Maybe we can use the smoke detectors as alarm, for example.

Hi Sebastian,

I had a similar idea with the smoke detector :slight_smile: . You can add an issue in the openHAB 2 Addons Repository (https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/issues).

I have tried to write a program on the CCU but I can’t select the smoke detector (I have got the SD2) for any actions. So maybe it is really not possible.