OH2: How to "export" PapeUI generated Things into text files?

Hi there,

is there any way exporting existing things (created using PaperUI) to txt files.
This woule make it easier to upgrade without loosing all the things.


Currently they are stored in text files already - take a look in the jsondb folder in the userdata folder. Backups are automatically created in a sub folder of this as well.

You shouldn’t loose configuration between upgrades, but if you’ve just upgraded for the first time in a little while, then the system changed to store the configuration in the json text files rather than the mapdb binary files - this means that all the configuration was lost. This shouldn’t happen as a general rule.

Hi @chris,

I just upgraded 4 days ago and did not do it before that for about 4 weeks (just a guess).
So that was possibly the transition from mapdb to textfiles!?

Yes - probably. This change was made 4 weeks ago -:


so you mean I am safe to set my things up again as before and will not loose them again?
That’s good news :slight_smile:

@Kai should not feel too sorry as I guess all of us here are very happy to have openhab!!
At least I am very thankful for kai’s, your’s and the other maintainers effort.

It should be fine. You should now find them in the jsondb folder as text files, so easy to edit and view…

Yes, just checked out the files. It’s good to know to have the data available… just in case :wink:

So what would be the recommended way to version control the configuration? Currently I am tracking the conf folder in a git repository. Should I sync back jsondb folder and do the same there?

I just want to be able to go back to a certain version of my setup, in case I want to try out something. Or just be able to restore a certain snapshot/everything after e.g. my Raspberry Pi SD card died away.

How are you handling that?