OH2 Hue Binding Links where not build right

I did a new install of OH2 and connected the hue Binding over the Paper UI.
Some lamps didn´t work correctly.
When I look in the karaf console I found this

> openhab> smarthome:links list

Sofa -> hue:0210:00178810164f:2:color
cSofa -> hue:0210:00178810164f:2:color
TV -> hue:0210:00178810164f:2:color
cTV -> hue:0210:00178810164f:2:color
Kamin -> hue:0210:00178810164f:5:color
cKamin -> hue:0210:00178810164f:5:color
Terrasse -> hue:0210:00178810164f:9:color
cTerrasse -> hue:0210:00178810164f:9:color
Sofaecke -> hue:0200:00178810164f:10:color
cSofaecke -> hue:0200:00178810164f:10:color
Kuehlschrank -> hue:0210:00178810164f:4:color
cKuehlschrank -> hue:0210:00178810164f:4:color
FlurEG -> hue:0210:00178810164f:3:color
cFlurEG -> hue:0210:00178810164f:3:color
SGirlande -> hue:0110:00178810164f:13:brightness
hue_0110_00178810164f_15_brightness -> hue:0110:00178810164f:15:brightness

The last entry is the lamp wich doesn´t work, this must be SBaumhinten -> hue:0110:00178810164f:15:brightness

Also I tried to delete the items and delete the links in karaf with smarthome:links clear
If I install the Items again the same happend …

Any ideas ?