OH2: is anyone successfully using the Network Binding? or Network Health Binding?

Want to monitor some devices around the house, and based on bits and pieces over the forums, using the Network Binding, with the following:


network:device:phone_jack [ hostname=“192.168.2.XX”, port=“0”, retry=“1”, timeout=“5000”, refresh_interval=“60000”, use_system_ping=“true”, dhcplisten=“false” ]


Switch Presence_Jack { channel=“network:device:phone_jack:online” }
Number Presence_Jack_ResponseTime { channel=“network:device:phone_jack:time” }

The device in question is my phone, and I am testing it by turning the phone to airplane mode. I am also running “ping 192.168.2.xx -n9999” in another window, and its following what I would expect.

The binding however, is reporting:

19:00:04.038 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Presence_Jack_Resp
onseTime changed from 2776.18620000000009895302355289459228515625 to 2777.302599

Am I missing something?

Under windows I can confirm that this binding is broken and there is also an issue for this.

Is this something we can help fix for the windows people out there?

I would have thought that at a minimum, the useSystemPing option would have done something reasonable.

Is the network binding working now, or still broken on windows systems?

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