OH2 Items and tags etc

What is the proposed ‘correct’ way of working with items and tags?
I have created items from channels in HabMin, but then can’t add tags (either in interface, or using REST). I’d like to just tag an item as a homekit device.

Is the only way at the minute to create my own items by hand, or is there a better way?

yes, create it just like oh1.

I know you can do it like that, I’m just wondering why there’s a rest call to add a tag, but it doesn’t work. And why there’s a field in habmin that can’t be edited.

Looks like something that might be implemented in the future…

it is for future in habmin. so easy the manual way, and works like a charm.

@chris is there any ETA for being able to edit tags in HABmin? Would be super handy. Could that field not just be added to the page where you add/edit an item to a channel?

@chris just bumping this in case it got missed.

missed it I did :slight_smile:.

I’ll try and take a look at this next week when I’m travelling…

That would be superb. I realize ideally PaperUI would do these things, but HABmin is already ahead for configuring and moving at quicker pace. It would make life much easier for those of us trying to integrate the HomeKit stuff.

@chris Thanks for adding that feature…it makes rolling out HK support significantly easier, as there’s now no need to use an item file (which was especially a pain when doing everything via HABmin). One thing I did notice while using it is that the trigger to add the tag only pops up if you type. For example, at first I tried pasting a tag (from the HK read me), and it didn’t work. Not a huge ordeal, but may cause some grief for others who don’t catch that.

Was this implemented?

@tpmcleod24 see my comment above

Thanks, saw that, but do not have the option to edit tags, still shows blank. Is there something specific i need to do?


@tpmcleod24 make sure you have the latest release of HABmin installed. When you edit an item via the Things section, there’s a “Tag” spot there. Once you start typing in that input it’ll give you the option to create the tag.

Thanks. I had a snapshot from the 12th and the TAG area in the thing was showing up as Key_not_found. Got the latest, and is working now.