OH2 Kodi Binding 2.0 - setup help

Kodi added as thing.
I linked channel:

String Device_Kodi_Control "Kodi player [%s]" { channel="kodi:kodi:fd1d4fd7-9fa7-26f8-f143-48449e402937:control"}

In Paper UI i can see Kodi player state changes (play, pause), but no changes in log,
Device_Kodi_Control - not change its state.

In log i can see only kodi:kodi:fd1d4fd7-9fa7-26f8-f143-48449e402937 changed form OFFLINE to ONLINE
Where is error?

And how to get Kodi online/offline state?
{ channel="kodi:kodi:fd1d4fd7-9fa7-26f8-f143-48449e402937:online"} - does not work.

Thank you.

Anyone is using Kodi 2.0 binding?

The control channel’s type is not a a “String”. It is of type “Player” and shows a widget with player control.

Right now the Kodi binding does not provide a channel for the online state. You can create an enhancement request here https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/issues.

Or you can use the Network add-on to test whether Kodi is active.

Thank you @MHerbst