[OH2 Max Binding] Things stay at state "Initializing" if not in exclusive mode


with my setup openHAB2 can access MAX! Things/Items only if Binding is set to exclusive mode. If exclusive mode is off, all Things remain at status “initializing” and it’s not possible to access any Thing/Item at all.

If values changes for a Max! item while Thing is in “initializing” state, it won’t get through. If the Binding is set to exclusive and all Things are “online” everything works fine. Since exclusive mode will lock out Max! from changes via Max! Smartphone or Desktop App, I need to use the Binding without using exclusive mode…

Is this a known issue and can this be fixed on my side anyhow?


not a known issue yet…
I’ll take a look @ it see what is causing this

Hi Ralph,

Took a look at your initiation issue and indeed confirmed it as a bug,
Will be fixed shortly.

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