OH2, milights and hue emulation

Great. Good luck.

How did you install alexa on the rasberry pi? Got a link?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frH9HaQTFL8 I followed his tutorial and succesfully installed Alexa
Furthermore, you can google and search how to make Alexa activated without pressing button, I remember that I downloaded a code from github page and it worked totally smoothly, although I forgot that link. Very sorry about that
Very happy to share <3

Awesome. Why not just buy a echo dot? What was your use case?

I just enjoying myself building a “my own” system and minimize the budget as possible, you know, “student’s perspective”, haha

Cool. Understandable. Been there done that!

This is brilliant mate. Thank you so much for this. Its actually as simple as you say it as compared to HA bridge.

One thing I have noticed is that once I have added Living Room as a milight say

Dimmer Living_B “Living Room” [ “Lighting” ] {channel=“milight:rgbwLed:91e0921a:1:ledbrightness”}

I can’t use the same name for Color Selection. Any idea about that ?

I need to implement a similar thing but haven’t found the time yet.

I assume its a different channel so ou would need something like this:

Dimmer Living_B “Living Room Dimmer” [ “Lighting” ] {channel=“milight:rgbwLed:91e0921a:1:ledbrightness”}

“Allexa turn up the living room dimmer”

I thing it is a little unfortunate that the hue emulation only makes items from a textual items file correctly available. It would be much more consistent to export the Things (with whatever channel is available e.g. a brightness, color, color temperature or on/off channel).

At the moment, if I just use the PaperUI with automatic channel linking and without textual files, then Alexa for instance will find all brightness channels separately and they are all labeled “Brightness”. Which is not helpful at all.

Is anybody else interested in a Hue Bridge Emulator addon, that makes Things available?

Cheers, David

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