OH2 MQTT binding not start after install

Before i use OH 1.8.3 and MQTT on Synology and it works fine.
Just installed OH2 on Synology.
Install MQTT binding, move mqtt settings from oh1 to conf\services\mqtt.cfg and restart OH2.
In log no info about MQTT at all.

In karaf console feature:list i see openHAB MQTT Transport Bundle not installed.
I installed it manual:
openhab> bundle:list | grep MQTT

214 | Active   |  80 |    | openHAB MQTT Transport Bundle
227 | Active   |  80 | 1.0.2                 | Paho MQTT Client
228 | Active   |  80 |    | Eclipse SmartHome MQTT Transport Bundle
232 | Active   |  80 |    | openHAB MQTT Binding

but no luck, no connection info in log and item not updates.
What should i do next?

Try removing the manual installation of MQTT Binding and install it using Paper UI
Also, enable DEBUG on the MQTT binding: log:set DEBUG org.openhab.mqtt to check if there is something going wrong.

Post your mqtt.cfg to see it as well as your services\addons.cfg file (and the output of feature:list :))

I do all you say - remove manual mqtt and install it from paper ui and MQTT connection starts!
Earlier i remove and install mqtt binding manually several times, but it not helps, only install from paper ui helps.
And second - i change localhost to in mqtt.cfg

Thank you @Dim :slight_smile:

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