OH2 my.openHAB not working

Hi @all,

sorry for putting again this topic. I know, there were many things discussed before regarding this issue. But for me, there was no solution up to now - so I hope, someone is able to give me the missing hint. I´m not able to get a connection to my.openhab.org.
I started from scratch with OH2 installation on my RASPI 3. (apt-get offline package)
Oracle java is installed, too.
Latest apt-get update / upgrade done today.
Service myopenhab in Paper UI was installed, but was never shown in the logfile. Maybe this the root of my problem? Nothing else is written down to the logfile regarding myopenhab service.
UUID / SECRET files are existent, values are put in my.openhab.org
How can I find out, that the service is correctly installed and working?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Log into karaf via ssh:

ssh openhab@localhost -p 8101

Password is habopen

type bundle:list

Have a look if my.openHAB is active:

214 | Active | 80 | | my.openHAB Service Bundle


yes, the service is alive.

204 | Active | 80 | | my.openHAB Service Bundle

What else can be checked?


It looks like my.openhab is offline. I’m using it regularly, but, since yesterday I can’t access my OH2 server from outside my network.

Edit: Just checked, and right now it’s working again.

Best regards,

Yes, suddenly it is working.
Nothing changed…if it stays on, everything will be finde.
Thanks for help.

Apologies, there was a memory issue and we had to reboot the app server a few hours ago.