OH2 NGD00Z-4 with ZWAVE Binding

I just installed OH2 and have a NGD00Z-4 to test with.
Looks like NGD00Z-4 is missing channel info in the database.
How do we go about adding this, can we just add the channel config based on the OH1 xml, or do we need to pull some info off the NGD00Z-4?
Let me know, I’d be happy to help.

See the database editor here.

Are the secure barrier command class devices now working with OH2?

Some Iris version of these was on sale at Lowes for $35 a few weeks ago, maybe I should go back and pick one up!

It’s not been tested.

Currently there are issues with the security classes which I’m working on but it needs a refactor of some of the low level code to get this working efficiently (I hope!) so it’s work in progress still…

Unless I missing something obvious, I don’t see any link/info on how to edit the database at this link?

You should register on the site, then email me to request access to edit the data.