OH2 not running after up- and downgrade


I was and am beginner with openHAB, but at least it ran and I had some bindings I played with.

When the UI was not reachable a few days ago I took the chance to upgrade from 2.1.0 to 2.2.0, but that did not change anything. I now dongraded from the cache, but still vannot access the paper UI from the browser.

I am running on a Raspberry PI with Jessie, it had and has a network connection. But somehow I can’t access it via SMB - maybe that is part of the problem… Also it will not allow me to pastebinit

does anybody have a clue? sorry if I explained wrong - I am of course open to answer any questions

I think it is time for a clean re-install.
Make a copy all you configuration files before
If you are running on a Raspi, you could have a corrupt SD card
So don’t rely on a back-up or you will just copy the corrupt bits
Fresh good quality SD

Clean rasbian or openhabian install
Re-install your bindings one by one
Copy your files in one by one
Keep an eye on the logs as you go along

Good luck

thanks for the hint. I was close to it, but gave it another try by restoring from cache and the unsing openhabian-config to update to a stable version. and tataa - it runs again. with the existing bindings.so I will leave it like it is now.

the only thing that is getting on my nerves is the media USB stick in the raspi that is kept on hold for 30 senconds during start-up until network is there but still is either
a) mounted, but not accessible after start-up OR
b) unmounted a few minutes after start-up

must be something with SAMBA or whatever. but that is nothing for this forum, I will take care of it separately