OH2 OpenOcean Binding: How transform form generic to working

Dear all and @fruggy83

I do search since a very long time for informations on how to transform a generic enocean actuator into a working actuator.

Raspberry Pi3+ with 32GB SD Card and openhabian2 V2.3
some Omnio Enocean devices like 4 Channel wall button (EPP F6-02-xx, F6-04-xx), switching actuator (EEP D2-01-01, EEP D2-01-11) or universal dimmer 1-channel, EEP D2-01-03.

As I wasn’t able to get them working as “D2-01 - Energy measurement switch”, after a long time I was able to get the actuators into OpenHab2 as Generic Things. What I didn’t find was some working examples on how to and what to enter as values in the window " Configure channel" as “Type of transformation” and as “Function of transformation type”.

If someone has any suggestions on doing that, I would really appreciate that kind of information.

Kind regards

If someone wants to get closer informations about the Omnio Devices, you could download a lot of manuals, unfortunately they are mainlly in German, some with additional French and some with additional English.
Omnio Downloads

Hi Thomas (@thota),

as these EEPs of your actuators are not supported by my openocean binding yet, you have to use a generic thing. However these things are just intended for simple EEP. These D2-01 EEPs can dimm and switch on/off light, send energy measurement data and many more.

If you want you could use the newer version of my binding. I already implemented the missing EEPs in this version. You just have to compile it by yourself.

Best regards

Good morning Daniel

Thank you for your answer, your work for the implementation of the devices (Omnio) in question and the note about compile it your self.

Can you please point me to the correct informations to compile your updated binding source myself or is this somewhere explained within the developer documentation of Openhab 2 and/or Eclipse Smarthome?

I would give it a try over the weekend.

Thank you for your feedback and for your work.

Kind regards (from Winterthur/CH)


Hi Thomas (@thotha),

my binding finally got part of the official openHAB project. So you are able to install it now directly from within openHAB after an update to the current version. Readme should be more clear now too :wink:

Best regards (from Cologne/DE)

Hello Thomas,

I’m also trying to get an Omnio UPS230 to work with OH2 with a USB300 dongle. How did you get OpenHAB to learn in the actuator?