OH2 Paper UI Fibaro Roller Shutter Configuration not working

Hi all,

I am trying to configure a Fibaro Roller Shutter 2-Item.
I connected it and tried to configure it via Paper UI.
I can Change the Name and associate it to a Group. But I can’t Change Parameters.
I would like to Change no. 14 to “Toggle Switches”. I can Change it, but when I click on save the message “item updated” is coming up and followed by “ERROR: 404 - not found”.
So, when I come back to the configuration-mode there is still “Momentary Switches” at no. 14.

Any Ideas? Right now my Shutters are not working properly, because I have toggle Switches built in :wink: The Relay is switching, but it is switching on an off immediately.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Try to configure your things using HABmin. You can install it using Addons -> User Interfaces.
For z-wave devices this is the recommended UI for configuration.

Hello Michael,

thanks for your support.
It worked with HABmin. I was able to change no. 10.

I also made the calibration via HABmin. It worked as well.

Unfortunately my toggle switch is not working. I can change the switch position but nothing happens. I can just hear a “click-clack” from the Relais. It is powering-on and immediately powering-off.

Via iOS-App it is not working, when I am just tapping once on the App-Switch. When I am tapping a tripple-tap the roller blind is doing what I want.

I have a Gira-Toggle-Switch in use.

Any idea?

Thanks again in advance.

Best regards

Hello everybody,

I found a Solution with trial and error.
I put no. 17 from 10 to 15 and it works.

Here’s the part from the manual:

  1. In Roller Blind Mode or Venetian Blind mode (parameter 10
    set to 0, 1, 2) the parameter determines when the Roller Shutter relays are turned off after reaching a limit switch.
    In Gate Mode (parameter 10 set to 3 or 4) the parameter determines a time period after which a gate will start closing after a S2 contact has been disconnected. In this mode, time to turn off the Roller Shutter relays after reaching a limit switch is set to 3 seconds and cannot be modified.
    Value of 0 means the gate will note close automatically. Available settings: 0 - 255 (0,1-25,5s).
    Default setting: 10 (1s). Parameter size: 1 [byte]