OH2 Philio PAN04 dual switch

I finally have OH2 on my RPI2! Also got Designer running and installed the demo config. I use Habmin to configure the item names and to configure the zwave devices, designer for editing rules, and the paper GUI controller view to see the item values.
Added some simple time (cron) rules and to check whether one of the buttons is pressed or my Philio Pan04 dual relay switch.

Currently depending on the switch states I got my rule triggered for the first script, but it is triggered by pressing one of the connected switches. The individual rules associated to the change of the switch item are not triggered (added a log message to the rule)

While google I think it has to do with Mutli_Channel device, but am I correct, and how do I configure my Pan04 to detect pressing one or the other switch?

When I have finished configuring the Pan04 the next question will be how to have motion detection of my EaonLabsGen5 4in1 triggering a rule…