OH2 & PI3 -unable to use ZME_UZB1 Stick and also enocean-Stick with openhabian

Dear all,
after 1 year with a stable and running FHEM-System I would like to change to OH2. Last summer I was unable to use my ZME_UZB1 and also enocean-Stock on the beta of OH2. After release of oH2 I was very interested to retry to install again.
My setup is quiet simple:
-Enocean USB Stick
-and the “userfriendly” Openhabian… :-/

I´ve checked the whole forum about hints to get both sticks running -but always I got always the message “Serial Error: Port ttyACM1 does not exist” or Serial Error: Port ttyUSB0 does not exist… Several time I started from scratch and clean installation -no help.

I live close to Darmstadt -if someone of the team would like to test the components -which are running without any changes on FHEM- feel free to get in contact. According the threads here the problem is not so trivial and many have similiar trouble.

So, do someone have a tutorial which is tested on a PI3 + UZB1-Stick(!) and an actual “userfriendly” Openhabian to start with OH2 + ZWAVE + ENOCEAN (V1.9)?

best regards

Sure, works without any problems.
Use the official install instructions and add user openhab to dialout group … that’s it.
I think in openHABian there is even a config option to do that for you … don’t know exactly where because I don’t use it.

Good luck.

Edit: ahhh, you have two sticks. That could make it all a little bit different, I guess you have to use something like