OH2 reacts slow since update of KNX-binding (update of OH 2.2 > 2.3)

Hi everybody,

about a week ago I upgraded my OH build from to thus attached the KNX-binding has been updated to the latest version.

I managed to transform my logic from the “old” KNX1-structure to the new KNX2 (or you might say OH2)-structure with things and so on.

Since this update OH2 or better said the KNX-binding sometimes reacts with a lag of several seconds. This only happens about 50% of times I use the system. Other bindings like my MQTT-binding (using several tasmota-flashed smart plugs) work without any delay.
Within the log I can see that OH communicates instantly that I want to change an item (turn the light on, etc). This is logged immediately after I press the button, thus I would assume that the problem stems from the new KNX-binding. Until that update I was running KNXv1-binding which was running perfectly fine!

Now I’m somehow stuck in identifying the problem and of course solving it. Can you recommend next steps so I can narrow down from where the issue is coming from?

I once read something about monitoring the KNX-bus. I can recall that my technican once showed me the monitor within the tool I’m using for that (ETS).

Any other advice?
Thanks in advance

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 B
    • OS: openHABian

I am also kissanime facing this kind of issue and i can confirm letgo everything. Need a fix.

No Idea of how I can continue the search?