OH2: Rollershutter only 1..100%, not 0..100%?

since moving from OH1 to OH2, I have some strange observations.
One is the rollershutter indication:
It displays only 1…100%, not 0…100% as in OH1.
I think I read in the forum somewhere, but do not find it anymore.
I am using Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222
Is this a bug or intended?
Can I get the old 0…100% back somehow?

Recalibration to match your endpoints should do it …

But our shutters have no position control (old house…), they are only open or closed (0 or 100%).
Even if we close them only half and manually stop, they are shown as 100% (closed).
That’s fine for us.
So recalibration should not help, right?
And why did it work with 0…100% on OH1?

Positioning is not a feature of the shutter motor, but of the controller device, your FGR222 (as far as I know).

I’m pretty sure you can open or close the shutters with a single click on the physical switch and then it will stop automatically at either the open or closed position, right?

So the first thing to do is recalibration to match the controller to the two physical endpoints. From the manual:

  1. Press and hold the switch key connected to S1 or S2 input
    terminal and release it after at least 3 seconds.
  2. Press and hold the same switch key again, and release it after 3
  3. Now press and hold the same button, for 3 seconds, for the 3rd
  4. After pressing and releasing the button for the third time,
    automatic calibration sequence will start.
  5. Roller Shutter performs the calibration process, completing full
    cycle - up, down and up again.

The next thing you should try is switching the FGR222 to positioning mode: set parameter 10 to “Roller blind mode with positioning”:

Now you should be able to do a simple
YourItemName.sendCommand(0) or //fully open
YourItemName.sendCommand(50) or //half open
YourItemName.sendCommand(100) //fully closed

in your rule.

If the percentage values or moving directions are reversed, just change the two options in your channel config:

Thanks for your tips - I have had a look into our config again:
We use param10=0 (Rollershutter operating mode = Roller blinds mode, without positioning).
In this mode, calibration is deactivated…

So the question remains: what happens if you try the positioning mode?

When just switching to the positioning mode (without recalibration), everything is the same - 1…100%.
What I already saw without positioning: during up movement, the position is indicated with 0%, but after stopping at the top, it changes to 1%.
This is still the same after doing a calibration (via self-calibration).

Still looking into this…
Why is this different in OH2 compared to OH1?
In OH1, I got 0…100% - and my rollershutter devices and settings haven’t changed since.
@chris: Has the z-wave binding changed in a way that could cause this?

Yes, of course. The converters are all totally different. ZWave doesn’t provide a 100% value - we have to skip a value somewhere using the converter.

Ah, okay.
So what do you propose in this case?
Is there something I can do, a problem in the binding or a problem in the special device?

For now I propose you live with it showing 99% instead of 100% until this is resolved with a binding update - you can raise an issue if you like.

Okay, done: https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/issues/2238
(I hope I am clear enough…)

That’s ok, but please raise it in the zwave issue list - not the general issue list.

Sorry, I would - but how do I?

Just use the zwave repository instead of the OH2 repository.

Okay, done: https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.binding.zwave/issues/561

Please can you provide a log. Having re-read this - I’m surprised that you are saying that it can’t reach 0%. This might not be a binding problem in this case.

zwave_log.pdf (199.2 KB)
Here is the log.
Rollershutter Node 8 was at top position (fully open, showing 1% - Invert percentage value is set to yes).
Then I closed it (partially), so it showed 100% (correct).
Then I opened it again. During opening, it showed 0% (correct), but after stopping at the top position, it changed to 1% again.

Sorry - please post the log as a text file. It’s really very difficult to use if you PDF it as I can’t process the file.

I know the forum doesn’t allow text files, so rename it to an XML or something.

zwave_log.txt.xml (187.9 KB)
Okay, here it is…