OH2 Rule error on Astro Binding event example:"no viable alternative at input 'Channel'

Hi all,
I just copied the example from Astro binding V2.0.0 into SmartHome Designer “rules”- tab and it immediatly marks the line with error "no viable alternative at input ‘Channel’, regardless what I put between the ‘then’ … ‘end’ marks.

Its the only rule currently (for testing) . I can also exclude special, invisible chars of copy/paste.

The items of the ASTRO binding do work. Only these rules won’t apply.
The OH2 logs show no problem on deploymemnt of the rules file.

What’s wrong here ?

Thanks for any hint.

Maybe the rule is working anyway (means, the error is not real but an issue of Smarthome Designer)

Thanks Udo for the reply.
Indeed, I did let it run24hrs and the rule did work.

So its obviously a Designer issue. I also saw it once disappearing when editing somewhere else in the rules, but it reappeared with the next start.
Thanks for now. Will raise a small bug in the SMarthome areas.