OH2 shuts down for unknown reason

Can anyone give me some pointers how to troubleshoot my OH2 install for random shut downs? I have looked at the dump file, I have added DEBUG to each of the bindings I am using but I can’t figure out what is shutting down the program. Looking at the log, it appears the application is going through the normal shut down sequence (each item systematically being removed) but I don’t see the trigger.

I have a relatively simple install. I am using the Omnilink v1.9.0 binding in compatibility mode, the Weather binding, the OpenSprinkler binding, and the Network binding. Functionally, everything works well. The runtime will run for as long as 2 or 3 days or as little as 2 hours.

@swamiller I am second to that. My installation does shutdown after 2-3 days. My installation consist of online distro of OH2 with MQTT binding with home kit and hue emulation. Everything works fine when running no issue but randomly shutdown after couple of days. Please help somebody

I fixed my OH2 installation by copying all the conf files, wiping the the RPi3 SD card, and starting from a fresh Raspian install. I also changed my install method from copying the OH2 zip file to the apt-get install. So far the installation seems stable and everything is working well.

Based off of the way OH2 was shutting down I assume it was getting something from the Raspian OS and not from within OH. Just a guess, though.

Same here after clean re-installing using apt-get method seems to be working fine for couple weeks now except I cannot get the hue emulation binding to work however HomeKit bridge working flawless.