OH2 Snapshot: MiOS and Denon problem

New to OpenHAB.

Installed on Win 10. Picked Standard.

Can get Chromecast, Lutron, Z-Way and SystemInfo bindings to install and run.

However, when installing either MiOS or Denon binding, they do not show up in Paper UI under Configuration:Bindings.

I did edit the two .cfg files in the conf:services folder with the IP, restarted OpenHAB.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

For MiOS, it won’t show up in Paper UI. You need to create a mios.cfg file if it wasn’t already created in your services folder. Put in the information as was documented in the configuration section on the MiOS Binding Github page:


OH2 uses seperate .cfg files instead of one large one like OH1. I believe legacy (OH1) bindings don’t appear in Paper UI configuration, you have to do it via text files.


Both Denon and MiOS create a .cfg file and I manually update with IP, etc.

No binding appears in Paper UI.