OH2 startup questions

Hello @all,

this is my first posting after starting my openHAB home project.
A few days ago, I startet with a clean Raspberry PI 3 installation and setup of openHAB. The first steps went in a proper way, but there are some questions left. Maybe some of you can help me with this items.

I started using Paper UI to install some Bindings like Astro, System, e.g.
But I recognized, that the system didn´t create the .cfg files after putting in my geolocation for example. Is that normal of do I have a righ problem on my linux system?
Creating this files manually is not a problem, but the default config information is missing in this case. So I assume, that there is something wrong.

When doing apt-get update and apt-get upgrade on the linux system, the openhab2 files are replaced every time. After that, my installed bindings are gone away and I have to reinstall them. Seems to be not normal?!?

Thanks very much for help.

Hi Sebastian,

Welcome in the openHAB community :slight_smile:

I think I have simple answers to your questions, because I worked on both yesterday.
Regarding cfg files: They are currently stored in runtime/karaf/etc, but soon in userdata/etc, see here.
The lost add-ons after an update will be solved, once this is implemented.

Hope this helps!

Hi Kai,
thanks a lot for your work and for your very quick answer.
The openHAB project is a very good job and I liked it from the beginning.
Just ordered a lot of Homematic parts to play with them during the next weeks.
Have a nice day.