OH2 struggling with rrd4j presistence

I installed rrd4j persistence and created the file

After saving, in the folder OpenHAB2\userdata\persistence\rrd4j
there will be created files for every value which I want to have presistence for.

All looks good.
But in habmin there are no avaiable persistence values under configuration/persistence

And I cannot read the created .rrd files with tools like rrdtool. How can I check if the logging works correct?

Do I need to change OpenHAB2\conf\services\rrd4j.cfg: I left it untouched.

Same here with mapdb and influxdb persistence. I guess that function just does not work yet.

Go to the RestAPI and call “GET /persistence/items/{itemname}

Then put your data in there and click on “Try it out”:

Below “Request Body” you should see the stored state of your item.

Yes it is there, looks like only habmin has the problem, thanks