OH2 - Synology - diverted configuration files & folders

It is really a grat thing to have a SPK and i’m sure many users will use the OH2 with their Synologies
… I’m struggeling with the current snapshot ( and the place where the configuration files & folders should be places
Default location
«/volume1/@appstore/openhab2/conf/» has been generated with or without having
«/volume1/public/OpenHAB/conf» (as proposed by «http://docs.openhab.org/installation/synology.html#tested-devices» ) or
«/volume1/public/openhab2/configurations» (as proposed by «http://openhab2.wermescher.com/installation-i-c-installation-von-openhab2-auf-synology-nas/».
(R/W access to everyone)

Installation works, bindings, discovering and adding items are working well too.
But I can not “see” where the configuration files are altered and stored
«/volume1/@appstore/openhab2/conf/» and
«/volume1/public/OpenHAB/conf» look the same, what ever I change on the webpage.
When I alter «/volume1/@appstore/openhab2/conf/services/runtime.cfg» or «addons.cfg», it seems to have no effect on the webpage.

Is it an issue that is known and will be fixed in future releases?
Is there a way to query OpenHAB2 where the confirguration ist taken from (or stored to)?
How can i fix with the current snapshot ( - what can I check to get proper results?

May some give hand?
Thank you for your responses and support!


I’m not sure to understand your issue.
There is only one configuration folder where the user edited configuration files are stored.
On synology, It’s located on /volume1/@appstore/OpenHAB2/conf
However, since, the synology @appstore folder is a protected/hidden folder for normal end-user, the installation package proposed to moved this “conf” folder to a easy “editable” location for the end user => in the “public” folder instead of the @appstore.

To do so, it’s recommended to create volume1/public/OpenHAB2/conf before installing the SPK package.
Like this, the installation package will detect the existence of such folder and will simply create a “symbolic link” from “/volume1/@appstore/OpenHAB2/conf” to “/volume1/public/OpenHAB2/conf”.

Once done, update your files from the “/volume1/public/OpenHAB2/conf”.

The same is true for the “addons” folder.