OH2 - Synology - Modbus

Whenever I made a change to the modbus.cfg it’s like the previous version of the cfg is kept.
Even when I remove modbus.cfg and restart OH, modbus is still working.
The location of the file is /public/openHAB/conf/services.

Could it be that the conf folders are copied to another location?

They are but I thought that bug you are describing got fixed.

Assuming you have openHABian configured to share your userdata folder too you can look to see this file exists:


Look to see if this file exists. If it does make sure it matches what you put into your modbus.cfg file. You can delete this file and restart OH if the contents do not look right.

what version of openhab are you running?


The content is the same, when is this file been updated? When modbus.cfg changes?

Just delete modbus.config, and the system will make a new one modbus.cfg (and incorporate any changes you made there of course)