[OH2] Things vs. Items in HABmin

Hi Sifus

I started of with OH2 recently and are pretty pleased. However there is one detail I just can’t figure out yet where I need a bit of a help.

I created my things for my ZWave binding. The controller (z-way card on RPI) was bit of a hassle but after that all the sensors went fine. As per default setting I created my items manually and struggled to get them showing up in the UIs. From my understanding once an item is defined it should be reachable via the default sitemap in basic UI, Paper UI and similar. However only a very selected items showed up. I figured out it seems to be related to incomplete data entered under group and similar. So I tried to complete other items in the hope they show up --> without success.

As I planned to get a lot more items defined and wanted to have them showing up in the UIs I removed all of them and set the “auto create item for each channel”. After that I approved all items from my inbox and plenty of items are created.

My remaining issue:

  • I have some leftover items from my first round. They simply refuse to be deleted. LOG file states there is no database entry which can be deleted but why it keeps showing up under HABmin? I cleared cache and similar but nothing seem to help.
  • even the auto created items don’t show up in the other UIs. What do I need to do to change this? Do I have to manually write the sitemaps file? I read somewhere the default one is auto created and shows all items.
  • Sitemaps: where the h… is the sitemap editor from HABmin1? I understand it has to be done with the sitemap file and not in the database but why is the editor removed? Was quite nice/handy in OH and typing it hardcoded into a file feels out of place (where everything else is windows user friendly in a fancy web interface).

For now I have not used any file based items. It will be required later for some bindings without 2.0 version but I planned to get the interface up and working first before I’ll move on to the next challenge.

Any pointer or comment is highly appreciated. My bathroom light is now constant on which of course my WIFE doesn’t appreciate to much :slight_smile: (thankfully it’s on, otherwise I would be in even bigger trouble).

Did you try simply restarting the openhab service? I had huge problems with old items that refused to disappear whatever I did and they were gone after an openhab restart. There is clearly a bug involved here somewhere, just haven’t been able to put my finger on it…

Yes is restarted. The service, the rpi, the everything I can think of.
Bottom line: nothing helped.

So I chicken out and just start off from the scratch with a entire new rpi setup. Good moment to start fresh and clean :sunglasses: