Oh2 uninstall all at restart

Hi, since I updated from latest snapshots (online or offline ) I have a problem.
When I updated everything was alright I kept my UIs and bindings but after restarting service or rebooting my rpi3 everything was uninstalled. I saw in the logs uninstall binding xxxx UI xxx etc …
My oh2 addons.cfg since the beginning was written with only the line packages=standard filled

UI and binding were empty and everything was alright. Perhaps it could be that ?

I tried with apt-get install same problem at restart the logs show uninstalled…

Has anyone had this issue ?

Could it be a problem with jsondb which should store all my config done through paperui ?

Install them again through PaperUI or add your bindings to addons.cfg.

Thanks I did that and comment my lines in add-ons.cfg and it seems working,
But perhaps I restarted service too quickly and perhaps service did not had time to write config in jsondb? That’s why all add-ons where uninstalled at reboot?

Thx again @sihui

I don’t think so, but that is just a guess.
In the online distro it can take a long time until all bindings are installed because they need to be downloaded first …

You’re right but I had the issue with the offline too, I don’t like when I can’t understand the cause :expressionless: